Bella The Handcuffed Schoolteacher

8:36 video

Bella The Handcuffed School Teacher

Gorgeous Bella is a new schoolteacher and at only 20 years old she is in her first school. This is a very exclusive school in a large mansion. She has been told to look after a pupil with behavior problems as he just won’t adhere to the strict discipline of the school.

She is in a small classroom where she is talking to the little menace and she is asking him about the games he has been playing he won’t tell her so he asks her to do a few simple tasks for him. Well, it can’t be that bad she thinks.

So, she is told to sit on a chair and push her arms through the slats and before she knows it, he has Handcuffed her wrists together. Her palms are facing away from each other and the handcuffs are real. Why has he brought handcuffs to school? But that’s not all he has also locked another pair of handcuffs around her slim ankles. Her nylons are encircled by the steel cuffs and she is just sitting there. She sees him going to pick up a roll of Ducktape and she says he is not to gag her. TOO LATE!!!


she has a strip of tape pushed onto her lips and he decides to leave the room. she is left alone in the small classroom handcuffed and gagged with no hope of escape at all. She pulls at the cuffs and they are tightly locked around her wrists and ankles. She can’t get free and after a while, he comes back and he just loves seeing this gorgeous girl still handcuffed and gagged exactly as he left her. Poor Bella is going nowhere

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