Lilmissy and Arabella Tied Together

8:01 video

Here we have lilmissy and Arabella in the bedroom and their underwear. Arabella has spotted some ropes and gags under a pillow and asks “What’s this you kinky Little Minx “but before missy can answer she realizes Some guy has broken in Arabella asks him “how did you get in here”? and gestures to missy to tie up Arabella.

“I don’t want to tie her up say missy but Arabella tells her I think just do it or else he will hurt us.Missy picks up the ropes and Arabella turns and crosses her wrists behind her back.

Missy wraps’ the ropes around her wrists and ties her wrists tight. She then ties Arabella’s ankles tightly together. Missy asks “you want me to gag her?” so she puts the ball gag in Arabella’s mouth and buckles the strap tightly behind her head.

Missy takes the second ball gag and fastens it into place, we come back to find the girls tied together They are kneeling face to face and gently test the ropes binding them. both are tied with their hands behind them and their ankles are also tied tightly. He has tied ropes around their waists and at the knees, so they won’t be going anywhere.

Being tied like this seems to have the girls a bit excited and missy pushes the ball gag out and then Arabella does the same. it seems the guy didn’t check the gags were tight enough. After a few minutes of this predicament, both girls are a bit horny. so, missy tells Arabella “if we can’t get out of this we may as well enjoy it “!!

Arabella thinks for a second and replies “Why Not “as both girl's lips move closer but we don’t see the kiss!




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